Viñales National Park

Viñales National Park and its surroundings, located in western Cuba just 25 km from the provincial capital and 178 km from Havana, is an exclusive and unique landscape that combines metamorphic heights with karst mountains, known locally as “haystacks” and valleys of singular beauty.

These natural characteristics combined with a rich cultural history that the region possesses, it possible that this is found by the National Monuments Commission, “National Monument” in 1979, “Cultural Landscape of Humanity” by UNESCO in 1999 and “Park national “by the Council of Ministers in 2001.

The region has a high diversity and endemism of the flora and fauna, and extensive cave systems known worldwide. It has therefore been named “Tropical Karst Cathedral”.

Among the many attractions in the area include, in addition to the valley and the mountains and hills: Indian Cave, the Valley of the Nightingale, Palenque of the Maroons, Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas and other caves and Palmarito Majagua_Canteras system, the San Vicente valley and the picturesque village of Viñales high musical tradition. The area is ideal for nature tourism and adventure (hiking and caving) and mountaineering enthusiasts can find their challenges there too.


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