About Us

is a network of reserves that guarantee housing for thousands of travelers to easily and securely in family homes or detached houses in Cuba.

We also make it possible for hundreds of Cuban families to post their properties and services for free. And to update their availability online. We also offer other additional services that may be of interest for tourists visiting the island

cubafamilyhouses shows a micro site where you can display all the characteristics of homes, photos, family information, maps, positioning, videos and links to the visual cues of the city and the neighborhood as well as guide and traveler information.

By using our booking service for homes, receive a good deal and if you want to be treated in a personalized way by our agent in Cuba from the comfort of your home

. With us you will always find a private home to your liking. Should not have availability, we recommend another house with similar features, so you will not have to worry about the availability of some houses.

A reservation made through our site, its a secure reservation.