Havana Nightclubs

National Cabaret

Located next to the Grand Theatre of Havana offers a captivating and effeminate especáculo at 23.30, followed by a lap dance. Thursdays and Sundays are the best days to go. It also organizes an evening session. Only allowed in the pairs, which should be properly dressed, no shorts or T admits. Address: Paseo de Marti & San Rafael Centro Habana. Phone :863-2361. Hours: 9pm-2am

The Patio de Maria

A former club, adjacent to the National Theater of Cuba directs the legendary Maria Gattorno. It has indoor and outdoor space and is usually full of veterans habaneros. Should check the billboard, which advertises on the door, or inquire at the park of the rockers (23rd Street and G).

Address: Calle 37, No. 262, between Paseo and lane 2, entries 5 CUP.

The Burrow

Linked to the Asociación Hermanos Sainz, the youth arm of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), is located in the leafy Quinta de los Molinos and the entrance is on the road to Infanta. Concerts of rock, rap and reggae local groups, making it easy to meet young Cuban artists and musicians. Entry 5-10 CUP.

Address: Salvador Allende and Luaces, Quinta de los Molinos, Vedado.

Almendares Park Amphitheater

Situated along the river, special events program with people like Frank Delgado and Interactive. It is an intimate place where you can see the rocks playing reggae (20.00 Friday) and rap (Saturday 20.00).
Address: Calle 23 and Almendares River Entry 2 CUP.

The Huron Azul

This is the social club of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, the epicenter of the artistic and intellectual life of Cuba. Its members come often, so that travelers can be found in pictures of celebrities. On Wednesdays, the Afro-Cuban acts Peña del Ambia ($ 5), Saturdays bolero is the real program, alternating with jazz and trova.

Address: 17th and H Streets, Vedado. Hours: 22.00 – 2.00 17.00 Saturdays boleros and jazz and trova Thursday.

Café Cantante Mi Habana

Located below the National Theater of Cuba (side entrance), offers good live and dance salsa. It is a very popular local, despite being in a basement with low ceilings. Often performed excellent performances. In the evenings the setting 4-7 opens offering a ballroom with a casual atmosphere. At night the Café Cantante Mi Habana becomes a place where tourists mingle enthusiasts and Cuban salsa
Address: Calle Galiano, between Concordia and Neptune Streets, Centro Habana.

House of Music

Located in a classic apartment building in Central Havana and has another branch in Miramar. This is the most beautiful and best suitable Egrem stores in Cuba. In the House of Music salsa act to important groups of Cubans and tourists. Concerts scheduled daily from 4 to 10 and sometimes rap festivals and musicians visitantes.Dirección: Galiano Street, between Concord and Neptune, Centro Habana.

Café Habana

Provides impressive performances by famous salsa groupings in a relaxed courtyard. With tables and chairs around the stage, and a dance floor, the decor resembles an American cabaret fifties, full of vintage cars, motorcycles and petrol stations. Visitors can request to eat while enjoying the show. Entry and minimum consumption bar / tables $ 5/10.
Address: Paseo, between the 1st and 3rd, Hotel Melia Cohiba, Vedado.
Hours: from 21.30.


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