Café-Taberna Amigos del Benny

A pair of poles as they liked to erect in their walk through the streets, a jukebox silent today pending his voice, and photos of performances or meetings with friends on the walls. So Benny Moré lives, the King of Rhythm, one of the greatest Cuban musicians, and perhaps the sonero Mayor, in a corner of the Plaza Vieja.

The charm is complemented by its culinary fantasies Creole food, stylized with a touch and skill to make a simple Moors and Christians or some slices of roast pork, a delicacy as sensitive as the bouquet that houses a rich collection of wines house. Rums, liqueurs and an extensive collection of wines, wineries and vintages for all tastes, and even special preparations known as “Mojito.

Perhaps you feel transported to colonial times or the time of Benny, at Café Taberna that bears his name, one leaves that melody recalling his saying, “How was / can not tell you how it was / I can not explain what happened / but I fell in love with you. ”

Meals: International | Cuban
Address: Calle Teniente Rey Merchants corner, La Habana Vieja.
Phone (537) 861-1637 E-mail:



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