Bar-Restaurante Floridita

Considered one of the seven most famous bars in the world and the birthplace of the Daiquiri its first reference was the tavern “La Piña de Plata”, founded in 1818. On the eve of its centennial, the influx of U.S. tourists was such that the owner moved to a name change. Thus arose El Floridita, with which he would become famous worldwide.

In the early 30s, the writer Ernest Hemingway begins his frequent visits to Havana and have a lunch in 1939, the writer goes beyond the doors of the bar and took a seat on the first bench of the left corner of the bar. It was his usual seat. Now is there in front of him, a bust of him, unveiled in 1954 by friends and admirers.

Taster experience, Ernest, discovered the Floridita Daiquiri and as Antonio Melian, your favorite bartender, he said “… okay, but I prefer it without sugar and rum double”. Thus arose the special cocktail named after him “Papa Hemingway”.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Jean Paul Sartre, Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper, Tennessee Williams, Spencer Tracy, Rocky Marciano, Ava Gardner, Herbert Matthews … also visited the site. In many of them, there is photographic proof walls framing the singular and the main lounge bar.

Meals: International / Marina
Address: 557 Bishop esq to Monserrate, Old Havana
Phone: (537) 867-1299 / 867-1300
Hours: 12:00 to 12: oo pm
Capacity: 60 people



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