La Guarida (Paladar)

La Guarida (The Lair) is a private establishment whose name is inspired by a Brazilian soap opera actress Regina Duarte where, plays a poor woman who sells food on the street and after hard struggle, triumphs and succeeds founding a chain of restaurants that are called palate.

Open from July 14, 1996 in a beautiful mansion from the early twentieth century, which today is a multifamily building, where a unique blend daily routine of our neighbors with chores expected of a luxury restaurant.

The Lair, awarded the Gold Trophy XXXV Tourism and Gastronomy Hosteleía for its trajectory and business excellence, gives customers the chance to meet in one place a city three times, steeped in history, marked by their daily and hopeful about their future ….

In these places the price of dinner is usually cheaper than in restaurants state.

Address: Concordia # 418 / Gervasio and Escobar, Havana / Phone: (537) 866-9047 and (535) 264-4494


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