Santa Maria del Mar

East of the city of Havana, in an extensive coastline, lies the resort of Santa Maria del Mar, ideal for a holiday with friends along the blue, just 20 minutes from Havana. It will be that easy in one of the capital’s most popular sites, suitable for swimming and sunbathing Caribbean.

Santa Maria del Mar, famous for its tourist attractions, is one of the 300 natural beaches of Cuba, the warm, clear waters that contrast with a wide strip of white sand with coconut palms and sea grape groves and lush sea grapes and restaurants to taste nice Creole dishes with seafood and fish.

The summer season begins in Cuba in June and runs until the end of August, but until November favorecenel enjoy the water very warm and clear waters and if indeed this is a place of great numbers of people, there are always spaces of absolute tranquility for those who want to avoid the crowds.

In Santamaria sea can feel at home, away from the noise of the big city, in an environment that invites you to relax and why not, the deserved rest.


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